Friday, October 12, 2007

D'este - Eisenhower a soldiers life

This biography of Ike, covers his life from beginning to the end of WW II, with the main focus on Ike's military career. The book ends in May 1945, and Ike's life during WW II covers 420 of the 700 pages. D'este covers in detail Ike's relationships with Marshall, Churchill, Montgomery, Patton, and Bradley. The best part of the book covers his command decisions as Supreme Allied Commander from June 6, 1944.

One thing particularly liked is that D'este provides a clear chronological account of Ike's military career prior to his going to the Pentagon in December 1941. I found it amazing what a politician and desk jockey IKe was. The man rarely commanded troops or was in combat. This was his career assignments from 1917 to December 1941.

1. 1917-1919 Training men for the Tank Corps. Fort Meade MD and Gettysburg PA
2. 1919-1921 Tank Corps. Ike's main focus during this time was coaching the Football team. Fort Meade, MD
3. Jan 1921- Sept 1924 Aide to General Conner, Panama
4. Sept 1924 - Dec 1924 Football Coach, Ft Meade Md
5. Jan 1925- Sept 1925 Recruiting officer, Denver
6. Sept 1925 -June 1926 Staff College, Ft Leavenworth - Kansas
7. Sept 1926-December 1926 Football Coach, Ft Benning GA
8. Jan 1927-September 1927 American Battlefield Monument Commission, DC - Unofficial aide and ghostwriter for Pershing -DC
9. Sept 1927-June 1928 War College - DC
10. June 1928-Sept 1929 Writes book on American Battlefields in France - Paris France
11. Sept 1929-Sept 1932, Planner at the War Department and aide to the Asst Secretary of War.
12. September 1932-September 1935 Aide to General MacArthur COS, DC
13. Oct 1935- September 1939 Aide to General MacArthur COS, Philippines
14. September 1939 - Nov 1940 XO and Commander 15th battalion Ft Lewis
15. Nov 1940 -June 1941 COS 3rd division and X corps. Ft Lewis WA
16. June 1941-Dec 1941 COS 3rd Army - San Antonio Texas
17. December 1941-June 1942 War Plans - George Marshall, Pentagon

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