Sunday, February 14, 2010

Victory at Sea - Iwo Jima


Trooper York said...

My uncle was at Iwo. He was in the navy in a transport ship.

Told me when they went ashore it was like the surface of the moon.

rcocean said...

Interesting comment about the moon surface - had a co-worker who visited Iwo Jima in the 80s and said it was extremely hard to get traction and just walk.

Being on transport must have been tough - but better a Sailor off Iwo than a Marine on Iwo.

Trooper York said...

My uncle worked as a longshoreman for fifty years. And he weighed about ninety pounds. Looks a lot like Phil Rizzuto, same build just shorter with the same big Italian nose.

He gave me his navey peacoat when I was about twelve. Man I wore that in the sixties with pride with my bell bottoms and stuff. Of course I grew out of it in about a year but it was a great coat.

rcocean said...

Thanks for the comment Trooper. Your uncle reminds me of some guys I knew growing in Seattle area. Mostly Korean and WW II vets, guys with Popeye forearms who worked blue-collar jobs.

The ones I knew always reminded me of Micky Spillane-'cause they had that crew-cut and that lean look. They were tough guys -real ones. They treated me OK - I met them working in a bar my Dad owned - but I was kinda scared of them.